Professional Qualifications

BA (hons) Electronic media

Qualified member of British Institute of Professional Photographers

MA Visual communications (finishing last module)

Qualified member of Master Photographers Association

Qualified member of Royal Photographic Society

Member of Federation of European Photographers

About me

I was born and live in the UK and have been photographing and videoing weddings from many nationalities, religions and cultures since 1994, with almost 2000 weddings under my belt. I love what I do with all my heart and am most definitely living the dream.

I am always honest and responsible towards the people I meet every day, I am open-minded, optimistic with a good sense of humor. I love experimenting with new projects.

My favorite genres are wedding and landscape photography throughout the UK, Europe and further afield. I love adding lots of fun and expression to my work, creating a natural and unique style to my artwork.

We only commit to shooting 1 commission per day (24 hours) to maximise the attention to detail and capturing as many memories as possible in any given situation.

I prefer black and white photography for reportage style events, full colour for multi cultural events because of their extensive use of colours at events and black and white 830nm infrared for my landscapes.

Whilst creating a professional brief, clients can select a combination of different photographic styles and ultimate presentation of their finished images ie colour, black and white or infrared or a mixture of each.

Do I have my own style? People tell me ‘Yes, you do’ I say to myself ‘I don’t know’ I see something in my mind based upon research, a clients vision or a gut feeling and try to mould it into something unique and beautiful and let my viewers answer for me.

Please call us now on (+44) 7972 363799 or message us below, thank you.

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