Chris Barber BA (hons), LBIPP, FEP, ARPS, LMPA


Welcome to my gallery

FINE ART Professional Photography is my job and hobby.

I love what I do with all my heart. I am always honest and responsible towards the people I meet every day, I am open-minded, optimistic with a good sense of humor. I love experimenting and new projects.

My favorite genre is photography, incorporating my love of photography, art and travel.

I love adding some mysticism into my pictures. I never think through all the details before I get to work, usually idea forms itself during the process.

Although i also use colour, I prefer black and white photography, primarily infusing multiple traditional photographic techniques using modern technology, creating artworks from my heart otherwise unachievable.

I will never visualize something that will bring harm or will compromise anyone.

We all are different, everyone has his own manner of working, his own taste, feelings, emotions.

Do I have my own style? People tell me “Yes, you do” I say to myself ” I don’t know”. I believe it’s like one’s own body odor which you can’t feel so my viewers answer for me.

Smile to the world and it will smile back to you!

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